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Facilities in Denmark and Slovakia

Facilities in Denmark and Slovakia

Some companies prefer production in Denmark for logistical reasons. For others, the requirement is for production to be located close to partners in central Europe.

We have factories in Denmark and Slovakia, with 36 and 52 injection moulding machines respectively. Our facilities are geared to considerable increases in production volumes.

Production work is carried out at clean-room class 8 and controlled area. We can also offer production class 7 in Denmark. Our clean room is one of the largest in Denmark.

Production in Slovakia

Production equipment includes:

  • Closed loop injection moulding
  • 2K and 3K injection moulding
  • Clamp force from 25T to 500T with various screw sizes and geometries
  • Assembly machines
  • Tampon printing machines
  • Ultrasound welding
  • Vision control
  • Specially designed robot and handling equipment

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