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Injection moulding form is inspected

Companies in the healthcare industry whose business is manufacturing and selling finished products often operate in business areas that exist for historical rather than rational reasons. But why tie up funds in production spaces and equipment, when they could be put to better use within e.g. production development and sales?

At Knudsen Plast we concentrate on injection moulding 24 hours a day, and over the years we have built extensive knowhow and all-round experience. We are specialists in perfecting the utilisation of production equipment in order to achieve optimal flexibility and economy. With our factory in Slovakia we can typically achieve a 15% saving on existing production.

Injection moulding 24 hours a day

You can feel confident in outsourcing the production of your injection moulded plastic components to us. This is what we do, every day, all year round.

We take over your moulds, add them to our tool log and validate the moulding process before we start using the moulds. Production ramp-up is undertaken at our factory in Denmark, and for mass production we offer to do it at our factory in Slovakia.

I would like to meet you to discuss the best solution for your company.

Moulding tools

Maintenance of moulding tools is paramount to securing a long service life, great operational reliability and low operating costs. At Knudsen Plast we create a maintenance plan for all tools and a tool log for each individual tool.

Tool log

The log describes in detail each point in connection with the setting-up and planned maintenance of the tool. This way we make sure that our tools are always fully operable.

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