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Typical job profiles

Typical job profiles at Knudsen Plast, are profiles which are primarily engaged in our production - Plastic Technicians, Operators and Process Engineers. Often it is these three profiles, we need to recruit. Please see the requirements for these profiles below.

Plastic Technician

A Plastic Technician sets, divert and run-in productions and trial runs on the injection molding machines. Plastic Technicians ensures that the products are produced within standard time, and that products meet quality requirements. With us, the Plastic Technician is jointly responsible for ensuring that the quality is within the requirements. He / she oversees the machinery & equipment in operation and ensures that there are clean and tidy in the production area.

Education: Plastic Technician or the like and truck certificate.

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With this education you are almost guaranteed an internship and subsequently a job. There is a great demand for people with these skills.

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An operator must ensure that the moulded parts are inspected and packed according to the requirements and priority lists, and is thus partly responsible for the customer quality requirements are met. We have no educational requirements for the post, but it is a requirement that he / she speaks and writes fluent Danish. In addition, applicants who exhibit special abilities to details and have a systematic approach is preferred. Since we mainly supply the health care industry, it is important that our products comply 100% with the requirements from our customers.

Education: we have no claim to a specific training

Courses and relevant training: We believe that it is important to have a strong professional team, and our operators will therefore be sent on various relevant courses both internally and externally.

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Process Engineer

At Knudsen Plast the Process Engineer is included in meetings with process technical issues between our development, QA and our production on new inquiries from customers. The Process Engineer is responsible for the systematic introduction of new products and ensures efficient transition of these to production, and optimization of the existing product portfolio. The Process Engineer is the one who ensures that the work on commissioning and testing of production is conducted according to the Knudsen Plast's QA manual.

Education: Plastic Technician, Plastic Specialist, Production Engineer or similar.

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