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Identifying errors before production begins

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Once production is underway, there is no room for mistakes or running-in processes which put demands on valuable resources. Production must run 100% error-free from Day One.  Our injection moulding test centre allows you the opportunity to have your mould tested and documented before production start-up. This applies to an objective test of an existing moulding tool, a test tool for a new product under development or a newly purchased production tool.

You can also have a comprehensive test of a machining cell including commissioning, validation and documentation. This is practical when for instance a machining cell is going to be produced in the Far East.

You are welcome to use our test centre, irrespective of whether we will be carrying out future production.

Typical test centre exercise:

  • Moulding tool condition test and quality assessment of injection moulding
  • Skilled advice with regard to potential changes in an existing moulding tool
  • Implementation and documentation of changes to an existing moulding tool
  • Commissioning and validation of a machining cell for injection moulding(s) for transfer
  • Production of parts for pre-test, clinical tests etc during a development project
  • OQ testing with relevant protocols and report by independent third party
  • 0-series manufacture


We produce comprehensive documentation of test results. How little or how much depends on you. Documentation typically consists of:

  1. IQ incl. report
  2. Process documentation
  3. Systematic run-in
  4. Process analysis with Cp & Cpk
  5. Parts measurement reports
  6. Feedback re. moulding tools, e.g. maintenance, surface coating or improvements.

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