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Injection moulded plastic components

Choose us as your business partner, if you want safe and efficient delivery of injection moulded plastic components for the healthcare industry.

We offer to take responsibility for the entire process – from the moment the prototype is approved to the final delivery has been made. And we are not afraid to invest in new equipment and tools if it will help improve a project.

If you choose us as your production partner of injection moulded plastic components, we offer the following services:

  • Purchase of moulding tools

    If a production requires us to acquire a new moulding tool, we are happy to assume responsibility for the purchasing process. We have extensive experience and know which tools are best suited for a given production. Of course, we also offer to start the production using existing tools. Read more about outsourcing..

  • Validation

    When Knudsen Plast receives new moulding tools, they are subjected to a full validation (IQ, OQ, PQ) process to ensure they comply with our quality control system.

  • Injection moulding

    Great capacity at two locations and a flexible production enable us to meet your needs. In our factories in Denmark and Slovakia we have a total of 36 and 52 machines, respectively. In Denmark, production is carried out in a hygienic class 8 cleanroom. Our cleanroom is one of the largest in the country. Read more about our facilities.

From semi-finished to finished product

Often, an unnecessary number of resources are engaged in shipping semi-finished goods from one factory to another before a product is finally finished and assembled. This is why many of our customers transfer responsibility for the overall production process to Knudsen Plast – from moulding of components, through assembly, joining and decoration to packaging.

Naturally, the customer decides whether Knudsen Plast undertakes all finishing processes or selected tasks only.



If you want your company name, logo or user instructions printed on the item, this can be achieved by means of tampon pressure or laser engraving.

Assembly and joining


We also offer joining of individual components to create the finished unit, either by gluing, laser welding or ultrasonic welding. Additionally, we can take care of procurement of assembly parts from external suppliers.


Multivac R 145 258x166

Multivac R 145
We provide packing services using customer packaging.

Supply Chain

We have a dedicated supply chain system, which both replenishes customers’ stock with millions of products every week (Vendor Managed Inventory) and delivers single sterile medical equipment to hospitals. We take a highly flexible approach to logistics and always make sure our customers get the precise number of items they have ordered, at the agreed time and, of course, of the specified quality.

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